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Students raise £800 for Ukraine


When news of Ukraine’s plight reached the young ears and eyes of Eaglewood school, it’s students quickly began to ask the question, “What can we do?”. As donations overflowed in local collection centres, the students decided that raising money was the best option.

Eaglewood’s very own Mary Berry, (Mrs Jaggar) put her skills to work, turning the food tech room into the Britain’s Bake-Off Tent. A cacophony of aroma’s filled the corridors for days; from Red Velvet to Caramel to Carrot and more, the students were setting the standards high.

Meanwhile, the art department became Raffle and gift HQ and with Mrs White at the helm, the sparkles flew and students got to work wrapping and designing signs and banners. Local companies, generous friends and family came together to donate some truly exceptional prizes for the raffle. The staff also donated beautiful gifts that could be bought for loved ones.

Finally, after weeks of preparation, a sunny March afternoon arrived for the school community to come together and welcome parents, neighbours, governors and past pupils. The tea was flowing, the cake table was awash with deliciousness, the raffle tickets were flying out the door.

Nigel Himmel, Eaglewood’s Head Teacher commented, ‘I’m very proud of all involved. We must continue to do all we can to help anyone affected by war.’

The School were proud to announce on the last day of term, that they had raised a huge £800.


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