9th January 2019
“Since the opening of Eaglewood Academy we have benefitted from a significant increase in the availability and quality of alternative, highly personalised education and pastoral support for some of our most vulnerable or troubled young people. This has had a profoundly positive impact on several of our students, both in terms of their emotional and social well-being and their educational achievements. For example, Eaglewood have helped two of our students change a pattern of negative behaviour which was putting them at risk of permanent exclusion, and instead integrate very successfully into other schools after periods of time at Eaglewood. They have cared for and supported an emotionally vulnerable student through thick and thin for several years, and kept him in education when he might otherwise have stopped attending altogether. The expertise and commitment of the academy leaders is matched by the staff who work with young people on a daily basis, and the specialist knowledge and skills available to support young people to turn around their lives is in our opinion first rate. Once parents have consented to referral the transition and integration process, in our experience, has always been sensitively and efficiently handled; and during their time at Eaglewood communication with parents and the referring school has always been very good.”
Commissioning School Head Teacher December 2018

19th December 2018
Thank you for our son’s report. We are very pleased after reading this; he’s a changed boy, he’s happy now, less upset, more confident and certainly enjoys going to your school. We’ve had a great weight lifted off now he’s enjoying life with you all. Thank you all so much for making his life a much happier place to be. You ALL deserve medals for what you have achieved with our son; words cannot explain what it means to us and we both wish you all a Happy Christmas.
Parents of Year 8 student

12th November 2018
However thank goodness you have been there. I hear the student is so much happier and loves being with you and your caring staff . Your thoughtfulness, caring ethos and safe environment have allowed him to flourish in all sorts of ways and he no longer practises his anxious behaviours that were once his norm.
So thank you for all that you are doing there. I would dearly love to visit one day as I have long believed that most schools need to show their pupils much more love, care and respect. Also the most vulnerable children in our society, should be to be given the best that we can acquire for them. It sounds very much like you are that ‘BEST’ they need. So thank you again.
Head, Local Junior Commissioning School

25th September 2018
“Firstly I’d just like to thank you for taking our son on his first day at Eaglewood. I know it’s only been a short time but we have noticed a massive change in him; his attitude to school is positive, his moods are non-existent, he even sits and chats about his day. This hasn’t happened in a long time, it’s a great feeling, we really hope he’s getting on like he says he is. Thanks again.”
Parents of Year 11 student

14th March 2018
“I wanted to email and thank you for taking the time to show us around Eaglewood today. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and seeing how the students are engaging in their learning and thriving through the enrichment opportunities you are offering. Your plans for improvement are impressive and innovative and it is clear that the changes are making a massive difference to the students at Eaglewood. Prior to our visit, we had heard very positive feedback from a colleague of a local school and during the visit could see why they were so positive with the resource base you are developing.”
Deputy Head Local Commissioning School

11th October 2018
“Very many thanks to you and your team for your care of our daughter, you have made a massive effort and we are very grateful.”
Best Regards
Parents of Year 5 student