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National Thank a Teacher Day!

On National Thank a Teacher Day we couldn’t have hoped to receive a more positive message from a parent than this one.  It reminds us all why we love the job we do.

“Thank you for being Eaglewood and everything it represents. Thank you to all of you, because you are what makes it so special.  Thank you for your endless patience, willingness to listen, support and understanding.  Thank you for the hugs, every extra step and word that has made a difference.  Thank you for accepting my child, just as they are, without judgement. For giving them the opportunity to be themselves and feel that’s ok. Thank you for making it possible for them to not only attend, but enjoy school (something we truly believed was never possible). For helping them realise that its possible for a teacher to understand them and still like them, for helping them to learn to trust again. You will never know how much you have changed all of our lives.” From an Eaglewood Parent


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