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Eaglewood School Rebuilding

The New Eaglewood School started to be built on 10th September 2018


Foundations dug for steels                         Big crane to help the steels                  Most of the ground floor                      ……..and now the first floor


Huge crane arrived today to                 Bricklayers have been hard at               The roof is now on with the                Beautiful sunrise at EWS this morning
help put on the roof                                 work building the ground floor             insulation ready to go


Fantastic sun reflecting on                  Brickwork looking very tidy on                  Although the students have had         Exciting!  The windows are going in.
our new school now the                         the ground floor.                                        half term the builders have been
scaffolding has been taken                                                                                            busy taking the scaffolding down to
down.                                                                                                                                   reveal the blue render contrast.


 Students enjoyed a tour round the inside of our new building.                    It’s huge and the views from our classroom upstairs are awesome.





















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