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Sailing with Olivia Inspires and Rona Sailing Project

Olivia Inspires aims to give young people the opportunities to grow and reach their best potential – that is something that comes in different forms for different people – never more so true than this week.

Setting Sail with the Rona Sailing Project  was not done with the soul expectation of creating Single-handed ocean yacht racers but moreover, giving our students an experience that they wouldn’t normally have.

The gift for all, was through the Rona Sailing experience, they were challenged in ways they’d never been before; being away from home for the first time, living on a yacht, hoisting sails, lifting anchors, navigating the Jurassic coast line, coexisting with peers in close quarters.

From overcoming a fear of the water to swimming in it for the first time, from fearing thunder & lightening to sailing through it, from hiding your feelings to sharing them with peers and seeing only compassion and empathy follows.

It’s a been a journey of discovery and personal growth and memories made to last a lifetime.

Thankyou doesn’t seem enough Olivia Inspires and Rona Sailing Project

We look forward to the next time.

The Donald Searl.


Setting sail from Universal Marina, Hamble on the Donald Searl.


The first sunset aboard the Donald Searl.


The beautiful night sky, in Totland Bay.


A sunny view of the Needles.


Under sail on the rail!


Silhouettes at sunrise.


Sandy toes and salty hair.


Stormy Jurassic coast.


A Lesson about the equator and Greenwich mean time…oranges are really quite useful!


Helming a steady course.


Starboard Watch…


Back at the Helm.


Charting a course.


Evening laughs.


Who’s steering the boat?!?


A lesson in navigating the seas.


Making memories.



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