Eaglewood Staff

Pupils enjoy School, they feel safe and value the support they receive from staff. The school’s culture is one of tolerance and respect, where pupils are encouraged to be thoughtful and considerate“ OFSTED 2019.

Mr Mark Gilbert- Headteacher

Mr John Wood – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Claire Whitlock – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Leyla Bilsborough – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Melanie Strachan – Co-ordinator of Academic Learning and Assessment, SENCO

Mrs Taryn Maclarty – SENCO, Teaching Staff English/ KS4 & LAC Pastoral Lead & Literacy Whole School

Mrs Sarah Gray – Headteacher’s Personal Assistant/Receptionist

Mrs Sue Byrne – SEN/LAC Administration Manager

Mrs Lianne Allen – Exams Officer & Data Manager

Miss Jackie White – Receptionist/Administrator

Mrs Lisa Doe – Receptionist/Administrator

Mr Sean Barton – Teaching Staff PE and ICT

Mr Richard Edwards – Teaching Staff Maths/Pastoral Overview Whole School, Attendance, Relationships

Mrs Sam Evans – Teaching Staff English

Mrs Manuela Curtis – Teaching Staff Maths

Mrs Sarah Edwards – Teaching Staff PE

Miss Carla House – Teaching Staff KS2 and KS3

Mrs Nicola Parton – Teaching Staff Science

Mr Tom Daniel – Teaching Staff KS2 and KS3

Miss Elle Fletcher – Pastoral Manager and Induction Tutor

Mrs Sharon White – Teaching Staff Art

Mr Steven Bristow – Teaching Staff Art and ICT

Ms Claire Walder – Careers Leader

Mrs Kelly Jaggar – Teaching Staff Food

Mr Charlie Scutt – Teaching Staff Maths

Mrs Sala Kean – Relationship Support Mentor

Mrs Rose Dearnley – Relationship Support Mentor

Ms Sarah Henderson – Relationship Support Mentor

Mrs Mandy Niven – Teaching Assistant

Miss Kelly Menzies – Teaching Assistant

Miss Robyn Hardy – Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor

Miss Shannon Power – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tabitha Newman – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kim Merrell – Teaching Assistant

Miss Beth Davis – Teaching Assistant

Ms Rachel Greenhalgh – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Helena Cooper – Teaching Assistant

Mr Richard Husband – Teaching Assistant

Mr Jacob Harrison – Teaching Assistant

Mr Diego Mondonico – Teaching Assistant

Mr Paul Jardine – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jill Tyler – Head of Catering

Mrs Mandy Davies – Mini Bus Driver

Mr Andrew Jones – Mini Bus Driver