Eaglewood Staff

“The kindness, positivity and love you demonstrate, as a team, is second to none.”

           Parent/Governor of Year 5 student December 2018

Mr Nigel Himmel – Headteacher
Mr John Wood – Deputy Headteacher
Miss Lara Young – SENCO
Mrs Sarah Gray – Head Teacher’s Personal Assistant/Receptionist
Mrs Tracy Corp – Administration Assistant
Miss Jasmine Roberts – Administration Assistant/Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fiona Edwards – Lead Teacher ICT
Mr Richard Edwards – Lead Teacher Mathematics
Mr Stephen Payne – Lead Teacher Science
Mrs Taryn Maclarty – Lead Teacher English
Mrs Claire Whitlock – Lead Teacher Primary
Mrs Carla O’Riordan – Lead Mentor Primary
Mrs Deborah Smart – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nicole Annette-Kelsey – Teaching Assistant
Mr John Celea – Teaching Assistant
Miss Saffron Harbison – Teaching Assistant
Mr John Whitlock – Minibus Driver