School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory. It generates a sense of belonging, identity and removes any potential for feelings of inequality. The Eaglewood School uniform has been designed to be distinctive, functional and comfortable. Given that some of your children attend Eaglewood on a part-time, or short-term intervention basis, it has also been designed to be affordable to parents. With the exception of our sweatshirt, we anticipate that your child will already own the majority of this from their home school. The Eaglewood sweatshirts can be purchased at PMG Schoolwear in New Milton. Students eligible for Free School Meals are also eligible for a Uniform Grant and should speak to Mrs Doe at Reception.

School Uniform

Grey Eaglewood School Sweatshirt (PMG)

White Polo Shirt or Shirt

Black straight leg trousers
or knee-length black skirt

Plain black shoes or trainers.

PE Uniform

White polo shirt

Black shorts

Trainers and white socks

For some activities, circumstances and weather conditions tracksuit type clothing will be appropriate. In this event, students may wear their own, non-uniform, tracksuits.