Student Support

We care about your well being, use the resources below to help you when you need some extra suppport.

In order to support your wellbeing, we have put together some useful apps and websites for you 😊

Websites – This is a free online emotional well-being platform accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop – This website provides access to support for a range of issues, including; relationships, education, alcohol/drugs, education, employment, training and apprenticeships, family problems and health


Think Ninja

This is a great app to provide you with skills to help you build resilience and stay well.

Think Ninja can help by:

1) Providing you with strategies for keeping calm when stress levels rise by accessing the Skill Zone for breathing and distraction exercises

2) Showing you how to address unhelpful thoughts in the CBT skills section and My Challenges section

3)  Boosting your mood with various PowerUps

4)  Connecting via text chat with a ‘live’ Healios mental health professional, if required, all within the app

Smiling Mind


Bringing mindfulness and meditation into your life will help you:

  • Reduce worries, anxiety and distress
  • Enjoy more energy
  • Create a sense of calm
  • Learn how to relax and regulate emotions
  • Enhance awareness and creativity
  • Improve concentration and increase productivity
  • Develop a sense of empathy and connectedness
  • Enjoy better health and sleep


This app provides some great mindfulness exercises and guided meditations – it’s just like exercise but for the brain.  Through meditation, we can build up areas of our brain and rewire it to enhance positive traits such as focus and decision making and reduce the less positive ones like stress, fear and anxiety.