Report and Assessment

“Do not ask how intelligent that child is, ask instead how is that child intelligent.” Professor Howard Gardiner, Harvard University.

At Eaglewood School, our curriculum provision is designed to support pupils in a nurturing environment, to grow into well-balanced young adults. Here at Eaglewood, we have a strong emphasis on both therapeutic and academic studies. With the support of the school team, pupils are given the opportunity to challenge learnt behaviours, enabling them to change for a more balanced future.

We focus on the ABC: Attendance, Behaviour and Curriculum. In fact the curriculum is split in two, with the traditional academic curriculum and the emotional curriuclum

Attendance – in brief you have to attend; it’s the law and furthermore, there is a growing amount of evidence your attendance affects your rate chances of success. As they say, “Attend today, achieve tomorrow.”

Behaviour – this is assessed on a daily basis, which we call RAG, a traffic light code system of Red, Amber and Green. A good day with all round achievement in learning, social and emotional is coded green and scores 5 points. An inconsistent day is coded amber and scores 2. While a challenging day is coded red and scores 1 point, for attendance only. These points are awarded by the whole staff team. Pupils collect the points which are converted to rewards, individually chosen by each pupil. A maximum of 25 points can be awarded each week, therefore in a 6 week half-term 150 points can be awarded.

Curriculum Academic Assessment – upon entry, it is important that we establish IQ starting points. We do this by using a Star Assessment Program in Maths and English. This is carried out every 6 weeks to enable us to monitor the trend of progress and to plan differentiated learning objectives for each pupil. This has proven to maximise their progress. This assessment calculates an accurate score to show how the pupil is performing; a score of 115 is judged gifted and talented, 100 is average, while 85 requires intervention and further support.

Curriculum Emotional Assessment – upon entry, it is also important that we establish EQ starting points. We do this by using a Boxall Program recommended by Educational Psychologists, which helps to pinpoint developmental weaknesses. This is carried out by the staff team on a termly basis, which gives us information to help shape a therapeutic curriculum, to meet the needs of the individual child.