Our Mission

Our Mission – Raising Aspiration Every Day

Children in Alternative Provision need these opportunities more than others as they have already been let down, many on more than one occasion and by more than one organisation.

What will our students receive?

Well planned, well resourced and well delivered lessons,
Consistent behaviour management systems; they should not be rewarded in one lesson for enthusiasm and sanctioned in the next for calling out!
They will feel safe and secure in all aspects of school life; no staff will ever turn a blind eye to signs of abuse or unhappiness.
Students should be listened to and empowered to make the school the very best it can be.

87% of our students say that teachers help them to do their best.


Alternative provision provides a change from their mainstream education.  At Eaglewood School we recognise that, “one size doesn’t fit all”.  We are a small provision able to adapt and adjust to provide a unique opportunity for our young people (students).  Truly patient and highly skilled staff build positive relationships and routines.  Building this safety net enables students to learn to trust again.

The EQ part of our curriculum, for many students, is the change catalyst they need for them to feel confident about themselves again to enable them to cope with every day and have strategies to maintain resilience and balance in their young lives.