Our Vision

The Eaglewood School is an Alternative Provision Free School helping students from Year 7 to Year 11 who struggle to learn in a mainstream educational environment. Recently judged Good in all areas by Ofsted, July 2019, we are a very unique provision. We focus on the barriers to learning of our young people, teaching them not only academically but also emotionally. Students at Eaglewood have regular input on social and emotional regulation, resilience and self-esteem as well as the more traditional academic subjects. By making sure all of our students are Academically Ready, Emotionally Prepared and Feel Good about their next steps we fulfil our mission statement of Raising Aspiration and Changing Lives.

Eaglewood is one of the newest schools in Hampshire, we have created an environment for students to feel safe and supported whatever the issues they are facing. This environment is a key factor in building the trust and developing the relationships which are imperative in order to bring about change. Eaglewood quickly becomes the change catalyst students require when the stresses of mainstream education become too much for them.  For some students, many schools appear too big, too busy, too loud or just too confusing for them to cope with. We recognise one size does not fit all, and offer a safe, kind and caring environment which allows students to develop at different ages, at different rates and in different ways

Pupils enjoy School, they feel safe and value the support they receive from staff. The school’s culture is one of tolerance and respect, where pupils are encouraged to be thoughtful and considerate “ Ofsted report July 2019


“I am getting better at calming down and I can control my anger” Year 10 Student

The student Flight Path will identify the 3 potential pathways; working towards a return to mainstream education, working with commissioning schools to help develop an EHCP application, to find the right specialist provision or to remain with us to secure a realistic and suitable Post 16 provision placement.

Referrals can be made by the student’s home school or responsible local authority.  We currently work with over 22 local schools, in three different counties and three different local authorities.

Eaglewood School, Raising Aspirations and Changing Lives

Please contact us if you would like any further information or a tour of our facilities.

“Pupils make strong progress during their time at the school” Ofsted report July 2019