KS4 Science

During Year 9 students will have followed the ELC (Entry Level Certificate) syllabus to consolidate their learning in preparation for beginning their KS4 years.  In KS4 students start working towards their AQA Synergy GCSE, which leads to a double award GCSE, and involves studying all three science subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There are 4 exam papers, sat at the end of Year 11. A small number of students will continue to study ELC to Year 11 and gain a nationally recognised qualification. Through the different approaches and activities, students also concentrate on their 6 pillars of ASPIRE, as they develop Awareness of themselves and others whilst completing practicals, Self-regulation whilst carrying out precise tasks. They gain in their Positivity as they make links between the topics and this Inspires them to question more. Relationships and Empathy come through the group work and learning to support each other through tasks and practicals.